about me

About me

The inspiration for my business, Wayney Edge, began with my love of trees. After years of tree surgery,

I became depressed with the sheer waste of the trees felled and pruned at the hands of the wood chipper.

I discovered the natural way of working with wood and learnt the art of Green Woodwork with Mike Abbott

in Herefordshire. I now apply my practical wood working skills, with my love of trees, to my work today.

Using only local, ethically sourced wood, I create unique pieces of wood ranging from outdoor furniture

to kitchen chopping boards.

I approach wood in a unique way, seeking to use the wood in its most natural state gaining inspiration from

the natural curves and grain to create a truly individual piece. I work on commission and produce pieces

of woodcraft that reflect the ideas and thoughts of his clients, whatever occasion you have in mind.


I run pencil making workshops using sustainable wood and you may see me at local events and festivals.

I also run green woodworking classes with people living with mental illness at Lawrence Weston City Farm,

a course designed to help develop confidence and skills. I also work with local councils and private

companies, and my work can be seen at playgrounds, farm shops and schools.


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